Outstanding knowledge exchange between Synpo and CNR-ISAC

Outstanding knowledge exchange between Synpo and CNR-ISAC

Remarquable collaboration between Synpo and the Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate of the National Council of Researches (CNR-ISAC) and effective exchange of knowledge in the framework of TECTONIC.

During his secondment at CNR-ISAC in Italy, Alexandre Perrot has learned about the monitoring of pollution and climate data in relationship with damages on cultural heritage. The experts of CNR-ISAC of Bologna have presented him the developed Risk Mapping Tool for Cultural Heritage as well.

An ascent has been put on the presentation and the application of new unconventional coating formulations for underwater cultural heritage designed in Synpo in collaboration with UNICAL in the framework of TECTONIC (WP3).

Different application methods under different conditions have been shown in the laboratory. Finally, Alexandre has been pleased to take part to the 100th anniversary celebration of the CNR in Bologna.

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