UNICAL secondees participate at EMRA 2023 in Šibenik

UNICAL secondees participate at EMRA 2023 in Šibenik

Secondees from UNICAL (Santina Fortuna, Umberto Severino) were invited by the LABUST (Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies) of the University of Zagreb to participate in a workshop focused on projects in the field of marine robotics. The workshop served as a platform for over 90 experts, researchers, and professionals in the marine robotics field to come together and share their latest achievements and innovations. It provided valuable insights into EU-funded research projects, industry advancements, and policy discussions.

The workshop was organized in conjunction with several EU projects in which the hosting institution is actively involved, including MARBLE, UWIN-LABUST, MONUSEN, and InnovaMare. It aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among the participants.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the inclusion of two important roundtable discussions. These discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities in sustainable blue economy growth. Notable participants in these discussions included representatives from the European Commission, Croatian ministries, and maritime clusters. This provided a unique opportunity for the secondees to engage in high-level discussions with key stakeholders in the field.

The secondees were given the opportunity to participate in the workshop through the invitation extended by Professor Nikola Mišković (H2O Robotics, FER). During the event, the secondees were actively involved in the organization and coordination of the workshop. They also had the chance to connect and network with professionals and experts in their research field.

Overall, this workshop provided a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration within the marine robotics community. It allowed the secondees to stay updated on the latest advancements, build connections, and contribute to the ongoing projects and discussions in their field of expertise.



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