Special Issue “Advanced Technologies for Maritime and Underwater Archaeology”

Special Issue “Advanced Technologies for Maritime and Underwater Archaeology”

Dear Colleagues,

Underwater cultural heritage (UCH) is a crucial asset for the knowledge of humankind’s history and traditions. It is tangible evidence of past human life that has to be protected for ensuring its accessibility to present and future generations. This Special Issue intends to collect original and high-quality research articles and technical notes devoted to the knowledge of underwater materials and promote innovative methodologies, applications, and emerging technological solutions on the subject of materials that lie underwater.
Contributions are invited on the following topics:

  • 3D imaging technologies for the documentation of underwater sites;
  • Sensing, diagnostic, and monitoring technologies for UCH;
  • Advanced data processing technologies applied to the conservation and monitoring of UCH;
  • Characterization and diagnostics of underwater materials;
  • Conservation state assessment and conservation-restoration technologies for underwater archaeological sites and objects;
  • Case studies dealing with conservation and valorization of UCH;
  • Digital technologies for the exploitation of UCH.

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