Puerto Deseado

The Magallanes Shipwreck

The shipwreck site of the historic steamer Magallanes, built in Scotland in 1880 and wrecked in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean in 1887, will constitute the pilot site for Argentina. It had steel hull, mixed propulsion (steam and sails); 61 m in length, 6.7 m width, and a depth of 4 m. The remains are located in the Ría Deseado (Deseado estuary), Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, a Provincial Natural Protected Area. At the time of the wreck it was carrying passengers and cargo; it sank after hitting a large rock in the middle of the estuary. The loss of this vessel had a significant impact in the region from an economic and logistical point of view since it carried food and other supplies which had been expected for months in the remote settlements of the Patagonian coast.